How does it work?

1) In our bookstore you'll find descriptions of items which are available.
2) In the item description press a blue button "Cart". 
a) A shopping cart will be formed automatically. You will be able to  fo add new, or delete old items;
b) Choose a delivery method (they are listed here);
c) Choose a payment method (they are listed here);
3) You'll get forwarded to our partner's Paysera website, who will provide access to the chosen payment method;
4) To your indicated e-mail address, you'll receive a confirmation letter about successful payment;
5) We will proceed with your order.


All operations in ISM Books are carried out electronically, so all important information you'll receive by e-mail:

1) Registration confirmation - is sent when a customer has succesfully registered.
2) Confirmed order contents – is sent when a customer confirms his order – it is intended to remind what has been selected.
3) Payment confirmation from our partner Paysera – is sent automatically, when the payment is received. 
4) Payment confirmation from ISM Books bookstore – is sent automatically, when we receive the payment from our partner "Mokė". 
5) Confirmation that your order is confirmed and is ready for a pickup in your selected location, or is handed over to courrier or postman, depening on chosen delivery method).

If you did not receive any of described e-mails, or have any questions regarding ISM Books, please send inqueries to: